Committee Members

DR. M. Chandrashekara

M.B.A, M.L.I.Sc., P.G.D.L.A.N., P.G.D.H.R.M., Ph.D

Dr. M. Indira
Professor of Economics DOS in Economics and Cooperation

M.A in Applied Economics, Ph.D

Prof. Krishne Gowda
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning Institute of Development Studies

M.A in Geography, Ph.D

Dr. Navitha Thimmaiah
Assistant Professor in Economics DoS in Economics & Cooperation

MA in Economics, Ph.D

Prof. Ramesh
Associate Professor

B.A., LL.M., Ph.D.

Dr. M. Devaraj
Professor of Agribusiness Management


Dr. D.C.Nanjunda
Associate Professor

M.Sc, Ph.D